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Who we are

Shareholder Value Beteiligungen AG “SVB” is a publicly listed investment fund which primarily invests in small and medium-sized, listed companies across Europe. Shareholder Value Beteiligungen AG was founded in 2000 and is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Our investment approach is long-term and built around three-time tested business models: Economies of Scale shared, growing network economics and serial acquirers.

Due to our unique set-up as a publicly listed company with a majority shareholder we can benefit from a behavioral/psychological and a time horizon arbitrage edge.


As we are a young and growing team, we are currently looking for an Intern (female/male) with the potential to become an Investment Professional. In this function you will be responsible for screening and analyzing potential portfolio companies.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for candidates that have finished a Bachelor and or Master degree. private equity or other investment firms, equity research, investment banking or management consulting at a top firm. You should have been investing your own money for some years.

We are looking for the following personality traits:

a) Business sense. When confronted with a wealth of information about a company or an industry you are able to zoom in on the patterns that reflect business quality. You are a businessperson with attention to detail when appropriate, not just an analyst. You have a nose for money, not just excellent financial modeling skills.

b) Independent thinking. You listen closely to others and learn quickly, but in the end you form your own opinion. Thus, your conclusions are often different from conventional thinkers. You are able to imagine where a business will be standing in 5 or 10 years – instead of observing the status quo or looking in the rear-view mirror.

c) Diligent analysis. Analyzing potential portfolio companies can take up to 12 months and requires to turn every stone to understand the company better than any other investor. We talk to management and employees, industry experts, customers, competitors, suppliers and any other sources that give us a better understanding of our potential companies. You are self-confident and have good relationship building skills and no fear contacting and speaking to unfamiliar persons.

d) Passion in your work. Whenever you do something you try to do it as well as possible and to go the extra mile because you love what you do. We are looking for candidates with excellent interpersonal and team working abilities who desire to make a real contribution and difference in growing our company.

In addition to fluency in German and English it would be favorable (but not mandatory) to speak another European language. For a short overview of our firm please have a look at our website at: 

Your application should be accompanied by a cover letter addressing the points a) to d) mentioned above. Candidates will be requested to submit 2 of their best idea write-ups of European companies. Please address your application to




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